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sugar & champagne

EST | 2017
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If cake doesn't suit your fancy, but you're still in need of a sweet treat, check out these other available goodies. Still don't see what you're looking for? Contact me to find out what else is bakin' in the oven. 

- sugar & me -


Many people ask how I began baking. Well, when it comes to decorative cakes, it all began when my sister asked me to make her 17th birthday cake back in 2011. But the truth is that my passion for baking began at a much younger age. My great-grandma, Otilla, was Polish and was known for being an amazing cook and baker. She taught my mom how to bake who in turn passed those skills on to me. Tillie was a Pawlik Family legend, and her chocolate pound cake was what dreams are made of. It didn't matter which day of the week you stopped by her house, she would always have something sweet ready to eat. As I grew up, my mom carried on this tradition. I'm not sure if it was Grandma Tillie inspiring her, or if my dad just had an overly-active sweet tooth, but some of the fondest childhood memories I have are sitting in dad's lap licking the beaters clean of homemade chocolate chip cookie dough. Talk about what dreams are made of! As I grew older, I began picking up the whisk and cracking eggs myself. I loved trying new recipes and coming up with flavor combinations for cakes and cupcakes, but I never saw baking as a career path. I went off to college, received my B.A. in Interior Design, and planned on working in the design field. But little did I know that the design skills I had learned in school would take my love for baking to an entirely new level. With every cake I created for a family member or friend, I saw my skills strengthen

and my love for the process grow. There was something about the challenge that inspired me and still does to this day. I love that each and every cake is custom made to fit my client's vision, and rarely do I duplicate. But my absolute favorite part of decorative baking is the final result -- the huge smile I get to see on my client's face. Another question I'm often asked is, "What's your secret?" Well, my secret is passion -- the passion that Grandma Tillie instilled inside me. It's more than a business; it's a sugar love. I don't want my cakes to simply be pretty; I want them to taste amazing! So with that passion and 7+ years of self-taught experience, I decided to open Sugar & Champagne. I chose the name because sugar is a main ingredient of the baking process, and its sweetness keeps you coming back for more. And champagne, besides being my favorite adult beverage, is a drink used to toast memorable occasions and to salute those we love. Together, they turn any party, birthday, wedding or special occasion into a memory that will be cherished forever. Not to mention, as Julia Child once said, "A party without cake is just a meeting."

-- In memory of Great Grandma Tillie --

Love always, 

Madalynn Wheeler

- sweet talk -

“I love Madalynn's cakes! They are the bestest in the world. My dinosaur cake was the biggest and coolest cake anyone has ever seen. I could even eat the volcano and leaves! They were soooo yummy! I wish she could make me a cake for every single day, but my mom says that would hurt my belly.” 

—  Donovan (age 5), Birthdays


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